Continuity is a new breed of visualization platform in which a story unfolds as one data visualization smoothly transitions to the next. Transitions may be cute, but there is more at stake here. When you re-use the same elements across representations, you bring the viewer with you. More complex concepts and relationships can be understood and communicated without having to set the stage for every subsequent point.

In addition to telling stories, Continuity provides a very simple an hands-on solution to grappling with data and revealing insights.

Continuity is built upon a number of open source libraries some of which were developed specifically in support of the platform.

Core dependencies

Components developed for Continuity

These components are used in Continuity and were developed in order to enable core capabilities. We are working to document and release more components and examples.

Examples of Continuity in the wild

Please contact us via Sasaki on GitHub or email if you have an interest in developing with Continuity.